6 Foods that Spoil a Good Night's Sleep

Healmagz.com - Quality sleep is the main pillar of a healthy life along with physical activity, drink enough, low stress and consumption of healthy foods. Unfortunately, some of us are hard to get quality sleep by various factors.

One cause of the difficulty of getting quality sleep is the consumption of any food or drink at bedtime. Here are some foods or drinks that can disrupt the quality of sleep.

1. Alcohol

Aperitif indeed cause a person to feel sleepy, but sleep did not occur until deep sleep. Sleep after drinking alcohol will cause a person often awake so sleep quality is not good. As a result, the next day the person is still sleepy and not eager to move.

2. Fruits rich in water

Fruits that contain lots of water, such as cucumber and watermelon serves as a natural diuretic means fruits can cause urinary frequency be increased. Of course, if often seing backwards will cause the quality of sleep also be disrupted.

3. Fatty and fried foods

Gastric takes longer to digest fatty or fried foods, causing discomfort in the stomach at night. If the stomach and abdominal discomfort would make sleep will be disturbed. Avoid eating these foods 3 hours before bedtime.

4. Chocolate and coffee

If the body is sensitive to caffeine, a little caffeine into the body stimulates the brain causes the eyes bright and insomnia. One of caffeinated foods are often eaten at night is brown. Avoid foods these foods if indeed the body is very sensitive to caffeine.

5. Meat

The body takes longer to digest meat especially thick steaks. If you eat a lot of meat before bed, stomach work extra hard to digest even when we are asleep. That means the body can not rest properly during sleep so that sleep is not restful.

6. Soda

Sodas with sugar and caffeine, a combination which is not good when consumed before bedtime. Sugar in soda causes blood sugar levels soaring and caffeine is a stimulant of the brain, the tip ends into a fitful sleep.

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