4 foods that cause Acne! Avoid them!

Healmagz.com - The selection of foods to be introduced into the body is very important for overall health as well as for layout. Some foods are the main causes of acne and wrinkles, you should avoid eating them.

SaltToo much salt stops the process of hydration leading to swelling, and then the body can not fight acne because there is not enough power. In contrast, nuts contain vitamin E, calcium, iron, everything that encourages natural hydration and maintain its level.
Bread and refined grains

These foods can increase levels of insulin, which further facilitates the appearance of acne in greater numbers. Brown rice can be a great substitute because it contains protein and vitamin B.

ShellsSeafood, clams and lobsters represent high calorie foods that can close the pores and cause acne. Tuna and catfish are a much better choice to protect your skin. They are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which do not close the pores and skin can breathe freely.

MilkMilk and all dairy products are rich in biodegradable hormones, but if consumed in large quantities can cause skin problems. Therefore it is recommended that a small change in diet by entering additional broccoli, containing vitamins A, B, C, E and K. They relax your skin and maintain a youthful.

Alcohol causes acne!
Wine, beer and cocktails are great after a hard day, but dehydrate the skin, and may lead to premature wrinkles occurrence. Instead of alcohol, take avocados which refreshes and is rich in vitamin E.

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