Tips to Diminish the Black Spots on Face - All women crave the skin is clean, free from pimples and black spots. But one of the problems most often occur in the majority of Asian women, especially those aged over 30 years, is the emergence of black spots or spots on the face.

Skin pigmentation or melasma, can occur in several parts of the body, especially in the facial area, due to sun exposure.

In addition to sunlight, melasma can also occur due to the use of hormonal drugs, such as drugs to prevent pregnancy. Plaques can also arise as a result of their acne scars, use of antibiotics, antiepileptic and anti-inflammatories.

The use of cosmetics that are likely to contain mercury and salicylic acid, can cause facial blemishes. Because when it used continuously, it will cause the skin to become very sensitive to the sun.

Can spots be eliminated?

Eliminating the spots from the surface of the face is not easy as it requires regular maintenance in order spots disappear and never come back.

There are many ways can be done to remove spots, ranging from masks to use cream bleach (bleaching cream) are useful to brighten the face.

Whitening creams function is to lift the horn layer of the skin, eliminate blackheads, blood circulation under the skin, brighten and increase skin elasticity.

But with today's modern equipment, spots can be quickly removed. But in order to do so, the costs are very expensive.

First of all to be done, is doing facials. The goal is to clean the face of dead skin cells, so the face becomes brighter as well as preventing and eroding spots.

Here's how:

- Apply the cream on the face and leave on for 15 minutes.
- Clean the face, then scrub with a scrub to remove dead skin cells.
- Wash your face, then coat with a face mask.
- After the mask dries, cleaned his face again, then use a moisturizer.

You will find it useful, when doing facials regularly for 10 times. The success rate depends on how severe the spots which you suffered. For those of you who have facial skin with spots slightly expanded, should do facials once a week and assisted with night cream.

One of the facial material which is now vastly used and considered to be quite efficacious cleaning spots, is spirulina. Spirulina is a seaweed that has been packaged as a kind of mud mask, function to reduce spots because of its structure as scrubs. Spirulina is also available in capsule form and taken as a supplement.

With treatment once a week, for ten times the facial treatment, the spots will fade. But of course, the effect will be more satisfying is that you have to be diligent and do this routine.

Can We Doing Self Facial?

Yam or cucumber mask

Yam has always been known to overcome black spots on the face. So even cucumber. You just shove, then smear on the face to black spots on the face of fading.

But use fruit that is still fresh and in good condition, because if not careful, instead of healing, your skin will actually itching. If the face already sore and itchy, here's what you should do:

- Apply a thin layer of honey on your face for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.
- Rinse face with ice water, pat gently and evenly until you feel refreshed.

Treatment with yam or a blend of cucumber, both for those who actively work in the outdoors. Effects bengkoang or cucumber juice cold, it will feel cool in the face just after you wear it.

Sliced Lime

For those of you who are over 40 years old, lemon slices evenly on the skin of the face and the entire body is able to lift dead skin cells. Let stand until dry, then rinse with lukewarm water so that the pores open. After that, rinse again with cold water to close pores.


In addition to lime, antioxidants contained in tea is also good for preventing premature aging. Tea contains tannin which is very good for sunburned skin, tightens her lips, facial skin care and hair blackening. Here's how:

- Let a cup of strong tea overnight.
- Apply the tea water to the entire skin of the face and body.
- Allow to dry by itself.

- Rinse with warm water to open the pores of the skin, then rinse with plain water.

Tea is also beneficial to refresh tired eyes, you just put a bag teabag has cooled directly on the eyelids. While lying down, your skin care and make the face and eyes.

Avoid Face Toner

When cleaning your face with cleansing milk in the evening or early morning, just rinse your face with plain water. You do not need toner, astringent or tonic face, because its use would be excessive so that it resulted in increased facial skin dry. Unless you have oily skin.

If you diligently do facials at home, make sure your skin already dibersihakan using scrub. Keep in mind, the use of natural materials are the result could not be instant as is done with laser or other salons. But if done regularly and properly, the result is not less net. Good luck!

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